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Transportation & Automobile Solutions

Web & Mobile Solutions for Automobile Industry

Enhance performance & reduce your operational costs with our Ready-to-Deploy Automotive Solutions.

9Melon is the leading provider of web, mobile and software solutions for Transportation & Automobile Industry. Being one of the fastest growing industries and one that has direct interaction with end-users, the automobile industry has a great scope of digitalization. We bring to the table the solutions that do not only automate the processes but make the entire management process cost effective.

Our solutions for Transportation & Automobile Industry include Dealer Management Systems, Fleet Management Solution, Shipping & Delivery System, Logistic & Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Solutions, Logistic on Demand, Location Tracking Solutions and much more. Each solution is tailored for your requirements and works to enhance your performance while reducing costs.


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Job / Career


Challenges & Opportunities

Transportation & Automobile Services For Profitable Business


Traditional Tools Dependency

Dealers in the Automobile Industry are heavily dependent upon traditional tools & equipment. There are either no technologies or poor technologies used in the sector.


Global Expansion

Automobile is among the sectors that has its worldwide presence. This enables you to push your boundaries and tap new marketplaces.


Regulation Acceptance

A large number of rules & regulations are imposed by government agencies that the Automobile industry has to comply with. This may become a barrier in digitization.


Technology Implementation


Market Competition

Automobile is a heavily competitive marketplace that limits the reach of individual businesses. Cost remains the big decisive factor for customers of this industry.


Traditional Approach

Most of the businesses in the automobile industry still prefer traditional approach. Utilizing technology in your business may set you apart from the rest.


Isolated Groups

The process of decision making is complicated due to isolated groups and remote assemblies. This also leads to increased costs and poor quality services.


The Cost Factor

The biggest driver of the automobile industry, cost can be dramatically reduced with the use of web, mobile and software technology.

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